Monday, September 13, 2010

Bed Heaven

I believe children may be one of the most adaptable creatures on Earth... although I'm sure there are a number of you who would disagree... and I believe this, because this child of ours has yet to appear as if moving two states away from home has affected him in the slightest.

Lucas still plays, runs around and acts just as crazy as he did prior to our move. In fact, I believe he's blossoming. Part of the blooming or blossoming is partially due to his mobility. He ability to walk has greatly increased his quality of life. This child is into everything. But duh, right?

That being said, one of the most significant things I will probably remember from this whole ordeal is Lucas' need for a comfortable bed. I've always thought kids'll sleep anywhere. True... but do they sleep well? Not this one.

During our move and process of finding an apartment, our little kiddo slept in his pack n' play. I figured this would be fine, since he's little and exhausted at night. Obviously, I figured wrong. Lucas was waking nearly every two hours, every night. This is not normal. Our child likes to sleep. Alot. So, when he was awake so often I figured it was due to new surroundings, travels, insecurity and other emotional/psychological reasons (needless to say it was creating emotional/psychological problems for me!).

Evidently, I was wrong...again. The first night we were in our new apartment, Matt set up Lucas' crib. Our child slept through the night! I was flabbergasted! It was a new room, with new smells, and new light (or lack thereof) and he was alone (he'd been sleeping in our room previous). This child has slept through the night every night since we've been here...since he has been laying on his mattress in his own crib. In fact, he's been sleeping so hard, he pooped the night before last and slept through the diaper change (is this normal?!?). What the?!  He's in bed heaven and will continue to bloom or blossom...whatever little boys do as they grow.


  1. Well, even if the apartment is not your favorite thing about the move, at least this is one fantastic thing about being there, right?!

  2. We had the same experience with Trip. As soon as we finally got that crib set up, he slept SO much better. Those pack n' plays must not be very comfortable! I'm glad that Lucas is settling in so well- that takes a big load off of you. Wouldn't it be nice if we were as adaptable and care-free as our little guys are?