Friday, September 10, 2010

What Would We Do Without Our Friends?

Last weekend we had a great time with Becca! She hitched a ride with a friend and was here to try and help us settle in. The weekend was much more enjoyable with her here. My dear friend pretty much unpacked our kitchen and bathroom...  and found a nook for almost everything. I wish she could be here this weekend to find a spot for everything else!

In addition to having Becca here, we had the pleasure of having Jared and Anne in town! Although our visit was short, we sure had a great time. I haven't seen either of them since Matt & I were married, but nothing has changed. We still laughed, told inappropriate jokes and ate great food together!

It's just delightful to pick up with friends whom I feel like I know from another lifetime. Life has changed all of us, but our appreciation for one another still remains.

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  1. I love friends like that. The ones that you still have a good time with even though you haven't seen them in years. I find that Facebook helps keep that spirit alive.