Thursday, September 23, 2010

Hogle Zoo

We had the pleasure of joining Emily and the kiddos at the zoo on Tuesday. Hogle Zoo is the largest zoo in Utah and in my opinion, perfectly quaint. The zoo originally resided in Liberty Park (yes, the park we live near) and only housed birds and an elephant. After the elephant kept escaping the zoo to roam about the city, folks decided to find a new home to all the animals. This new home is now at the base of Emigration Canyon (supposedly where the Mormons entered into the Salt Lake Valley). The land was given by the Hogle family... hence the name.

The neat thing about this zoo is the intimate closeness guests can enjoy with the animals. Granted, I felt a little too close when the tigers were wrestling three feet away from us and we were only separated by netting. But, I mostly enjoyed being able to genuinely show Lucas the animals... and they weren't hiding behind a bush or lost in a cave somewhere in the back.
Salt Lake City is charming, and Hogle zoo is yet another reason why. I'm thinking we'll be at the zoo very often... and maybe I can grab even better photos of the critters.

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