Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ebb & Flow

It seems life has become a bit ho-hum lately and I've been slacking on good photos of Lucas. We haven't done anything very cool. It's the ebb and flow of things and right now I believe we're in the ebb...which is fine, since we're gearing up for a trip to Portland.

So here is a little "filler" post of pictures (and a little video)...and please excuse our still unorganized home:
You can still see his owie... which is thankfully now gone.
Grandma Judy sent these adorable shoes... which ended being sausage casings for Lucas' chubby, HUGE feet. Unfortunately, he'll only have been able to wear them once.
Hey cutie!
Um duh, of course I want to play inside this box.


  1. My Lord,it looks like your Granddad looking at us. I had Uncle Jim come and look and he said "It's Henry" Isn't it funny the way the Lord works,here is a little miracle after the loss of your Grandfather. I will keep in touch,now that I have found you. We live about 3-4 hours away just outside of Las Vegas and would love to come to see you one day.

  2. Lucas is such a cute little boy! I love the picture of him in the box. Seems like kids favorite toys are the simple things around the house. Katie loves her the bucket her toys are kept in. She dumps the toys and plays with the bucket.