Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lindsay's Visit To Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City is less lonely when friends from home come to visit. Which is why I'm so thankful to have Lindsay here for the weekend. Yes, I'm a little ditzy and didn't realize she was arriving Thursday night (not Friday night), which resulted in panic-mode twenty minutes prior to her entrance into our not-so-tidy, Smurf-hut sized house. Ugh.

In spite of my absent-mindedness, it was delightful having Lindsay here and to show her around Salt Lake City. We went up to "This is The Place" Heritage Park (which is the weirdest park) and learned a little bit more about Mormon History together. Both of us being Christ followers and growing in the Protestant faith, it was a bit out of our realm... and fun to learn something new about a culture that is so foreign to us. Did you know the Mormons had their own alphabet!? Yep. Good stuff.

Anyway, Lindsay was a refreshing break from the routine and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations about life, love and family. It was delightful to discuss memories we share from college and growth we've experienced since then. We are both very different women from the girls we were then, but God has somehow shaped our lives together in a wonderful friendship.

(I can't seem to hide my double chin any longer...ugh.)


  1. I didn't know that mormons had their own alphabet. I'm gonna have to google that. :)

  2. Kay... it's the Deseret alphabet. When the Mormons established their place here in Salt Valley, they attempted to have their own state (State of Deseret), but were turned down by the US Government. Their attempts to start their own language, and culture were eventually snuffed out by US societal growth in Utah (which was brought about with the Railroad and Gold Rush).
    Just a little history... you know.

  3. I never knew that. What a weird thing to do.
    Glad you have friends that can come see you! I love all the pictures and posts you put up! Thanks for sharing your adventures with us all!