Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fiasco: Part I

As some of you may already know, Lucas and I have planned a trip to be in Portland. So here we are.

Sunday as Matt & I were getting ready for a very special kiddo's birthday party, Lucas tossed his cookies. All. Over. The. Place. Poor Matt. He was officially coated in the goodness. Not to mention (which I am mentioning) the crib had to be dismantled due to chunks of fruit and oatmeal. So, we stayed home and fielded a couple more vom sessions, lots of snuggling and sleeping.

In the midst of all this unfortunate circumstance, I had to plan for our plane trip the next morning to Portland. Generally, this wouldn't be a big deal, but traveling with a sixteen month old nowadays isn't all that easy (especially one that isn't feeling so great). And to boot, I have to cram nearly three weeks of stuff for both of us into one bag. Because those jerks at Delta (who have amazing customer service, by the way) charge twenty-five bucks for your first bag and thirty-five for your second bag! Secondly, you have to plan for security and I wasn't taking a stroller (which I won't ever do again). Thirdly, you have to plan for the actual plane ride (which can be a nightmare if not approached in the correct manner).

So, Sunday evening I'm thinking maybe we'll scratch the trip and go another time... since Lucas has never had the flu before and I'm concerned at this point (because he's unable to hold anything down). Secondly, I'm feeling really overwhelmed and underneath it all I'm looking for a reason to not have to do this right now. I just didn't feel like I had the capacity to execute packing, sleeping, looking good in the morning, getting out the door, checking in, getting through security, waiting, loading onto the plane, entertaining the kiddo for two-plus hours, and unloading (which is like walking through the gates of Heaven after a long flight, right?).

So I call Delta and the gentleman I talk to is SUPER nice. I explain my situation in a very paraphrased way and he tells me that I can totally change the dates on my ticket... for 150 dollars. Well. Damn (sorry for the adult language... but that's exactly what went through my mind...sometimes my mind has a filthy mouth). I paid 150 buckaroos for my ticket in the first place! He also explained that three hours before my flight time, I could call and change my flight for a same-day flight... for fifty bucks. I bought my ticket on Delta's website, thinking I would be shown special favors for my loyalty, but it appears as if I was wrong. 

So I tell my extremely effeminate, and extremely kind Delta customer service agent that I can't make a decision on the phone and I'll have to call back. He was very gracious and told me he'd be thinking about us that night, which I thought was a very nice gesture (considering he probably speaks to a lot of frustrated people who don't how to channel that frustration into a healthy and productive conversation... aka: jerks). Oh, and he also thanked me for flying with Delta. Of course.

I didn't know what to do!? I have a sick kiddo and a plane to catch the next morning (8:35am). What would a good mother do? Ack. I talk to Matt. I talk to my sister. I say a little prayer. And... I pack and decide to wing it.


  1. I am anxious to hear more! MORE MORE! You must be here...

    PS Airline fees SUCK. Honestly, does it REALLY cost $150 to go click-click on their stupid computer?!?! I try to always fly Southwest b/c each person gets TWO free bags!

  2. Pins and needles over here, Beth. PINS AND NEEDLES! also? I love that you put "look good" on your list to do! Hahah! I have that up long ago.