Thursday, November 11, 2010

Fiasco Finale...

Finales are supposed to be fun, grand and exciting... I will tell you now, this post is probably neither of those things.

Overall, the trip to Portland wasn't too bad... and yes we had some great times. It's nice to be surrounded by the people you love... in spite of the circumstances. But, I doubt we'll be making another trip back anytime soon. It was just too hard on me... and the illness definitely put a damper on things.
Lucas spent a lot of time in bed...with Keith Richards, of course.
He also had to borrow his cousin's pj's after throwing up on all of his own. Isn't he cute in hearts!?
Here's our little Boo-Bear!
I will admit, I was disappointed we didn't get more photos of Brooklynn. She is currently in the throes of the "terrible threes" and such a rascal! She pretty much hated Lucas (which killed me a little bit... because I envision them as best friends forever in my own head) and did everything she could to avoid him (hence sitting on the couch with her feet up tight). I tell myself she'll grow out of it, and when it really matters, they'll love each other endlessly.
Papa with Lucas... so sweet.
I was also disappointed that my own family was so busy. We didn't have an opportunity to do anything together. I stayed at the house, but my Dad had a lot going on at the time. Such is life and maybe next time we're in town we'll plan a little better. He did get a chance to get some snuggle time in with Lucas... so did my Mom, which I know is really special for everyone.

Overall this is what I learned while on our trip:
  • Lucas sleeps awesome in his own bed. He is a stinker when he's not in his own bed.
  • Sit in first class when traveling with a baby (but who can afford that!?)
  • Don't set too many expectations for social engagements... because they will be broken
  • Take lots of PJ's for the kiddo
  • Video chat with the hubs more often... it helps ease homesickness
  • Don't fly Delta... baggage costs too much... resulting in having to leave stuff behind
  • Insist your family comes to see you more often. They don't have to travel with a toddler.
Biggest lesson of all... drum roll please.........
  • If your child has the flu, suck it up and pay the $150 to miss your flight and go at a better time
Do you have other lessons you've learned? If so, please share.

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  1. I missed seeing you, but I completely understand.

    I'm glad you still had a good trip even with all the set backs.