Thursday, November 11, 2010

Hangin' in the 'Berg

So after Salem, Lucas and I went to Newberg to spend time with my Bestie, Rashelle. It was grand to just relax, let down my hair and enjoy Rashelle's company. She is a real friend and truly makes me feel special.
The first ten minutes we were there, Lucas grabbed this kaiser roll and started eating it. You'd think he was starving!

Rash made Lucas this adorable hat... clearly he's enjoying it.
While we were there, Rash hosted a Christmas card craft night. Which was SO fun! Isn't she just the cutest in her apron!?
Kenna came over and spent time with us too, and we walked to the park. As you can see, Lucas was still in a great mood.
I also had the opportunity to spend some time with my lovely friend, Kay. It was nice to reconnect with her and talk face-to-face on our walk. What a dear gal she is...and what a cutie-bug little girl she has too!

While at Rashelle's I seemed to get Lucas' flu, which only lasted one day (thank the good Lord). It was nice to be in an environment where I could relax and kick my feet up, without having to worry about offending anyone. She even kept an eye on the critter, which was most excellent.

I love you Rashelle, and thanks for being such an awesome friend to me!

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