Friday, December 17, 2010

Little Green Spoon

Lucas has been showing strong signs of wanting control over his own environment. So when he refuses to eat, and all other factors (like illness and teething) are out of the picture... it HAS to be him attempting to gain some sense of personal independence over mealtime.

So last night, instead of fighting the good fight we showed Lucas how to use his own spoon. I haven't the faintest idea when parents first initiate this type of learning for their little ones... but Lucas seemed ready.

I wouldn't say he's a natural and to boot, we're not sure if he's right handed, or left handed? But he enjoyed himself and we effectively finished dinner without a timeout or meltdown. I would like to consider that a small personal victory.

Happy boy! Which is typically the case when it comes to food in general.

"Look how cute I am!"


  1. What a big boy! Good job Lucas!

    Beth, thanks for keeping Lucas out of the coal mines ;)

  2. I love that he looks at the spoon like "ok will go into my mouth!"

  3. Elisabeth11:07 PM

    LOVE!!! I love the talking that he does in between getting the spoon!