Thursday, December 02, 2010

Opening Night Jitters: White Christmas

So, tomorrow I attend opening night of White Christmas with Matt at the theater.  I'm stoked for multiple reasons. The first being that I get to be with my hubs, which is rare these days. I actually get to sit next to him, in public, possibly holding hands. How grand is that?

Secondly, it's a date. Which is nice. No kiddo distracting us from our love vibes and adult conversation.

Thirdly, it's a Christmas show! My favorite. Ugh, I can hardly stand my anticipation of the tap numbers, big dresses and fake snow falling from the ceiling. Did I mention how grand this is going to be?!

Okay... so I'm a little excited. The only catch is that with every opening night we attend, there is an after party. And so I feel it necessary to wear something stylish, chic, appropriate, and a little something that hides my mom body. Mind you, we're hanging out with dancers, young people, New York actors and the generally materialistic, attracttive folk of the arts and entertainment world. So... to say the pressure is on is a massive understatement.
All that being said, I found these at Ross yesterday: 
Adorable, right? Granted, my shoes-photo-taking-skills is obviously lacking... but I can't wait to wear these little cuties tomorrow night! Maybe they'll convince the folks we're hanging out with I'm still young and hip... and a little stylish. They don't need to know I spend most of my days in yoga pants and a sweatshirt.


  1. I say rock that 'mom body'! Without that body there'd be no Lucas :)

    I've been doing a belly dance video for my workout this week. I look at the dancer's flat perfect tummy. Even when she "supposedly" pooches it out, it still looks flat. I then look at mine with all the extra skin, fat, and stretch marks and think, "at least my husband thinks I'm sexy."

    God bless our husbands <3

  2. Those shoes are super cute! I know you will look fantastic! Enjoy your evening out!