Thursday, February 24, 2011

Community of Ladies

Speaking of being hostess... I am hosting a "Ladies Night" tomorrow evening and I can hardly wait! It'll be a relaxed time with food, wine and some great gals I now consider my friends!

This all began with my beautiful friend, Rashelle. She had a Ladies Night at her house every Wednesday night. All of us gals would come from work, home, kids or wherever to spend time together. We would eat food, drink wine, watch movies, craft, tell jokes and share pieces of our hearts with one another. It was always a time of no pressure. I looked forward to it every week and when I would miss a week, I could hardly wait for another.

Now that I am far away from Rashelle I miss our Ladies Nights together. But I hope to rekindle that same type of joy with my friends here in Salt Lake City. I hope to bridge gaps and create friendships that may not have otherwise been created. I hope to bring an evening of peace for those who are stressed. And mostly, I hope to create community where we all feel like we belong.

Wish me luck and though this is only the first of many Ladies Nights, I sure hope it's a time of rejuvenation for all of us!

*I'll try and take pics!


  1. I love that you are having a "Ladies Night" tonight. I am too! The girls from church are getting together. We're going to dinner, then hot tubbing at Erin's afterwards. We'll think fondly of you during your/our "Ladies Night."

    Have fun. What a great idea to do it every week :)

  2. Yes! Ladies night is like a piece of sanity in the madness. I hope it is a huge success and the first of many!

  3. That's exciting that you are starting up your own ladies night!
    I miss our ladies night. I may have to start up my own little group..... I need some rejuvenation.

  4. I wish I could be at one of your ladies' nights. I miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!