Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Slow Life

I often think the idea of being hostess is lost on our generation. I think back to days when I was a child and my Mom's friends would "drop in" for coffee or just a chit chats. They often had children themselves and it would be a treat to have a surprise play day with friends.

Today I had my friend Julie over for lunch and it was delightful! My feelings of delight aren't derived from the amazing meal we shared, or my gorgeous home, or our Earth-shattering conversation... but from the light-hearted company and few hours shared conversation.

What happened to those days where we would stop our routine to host a friend who "dropped in?" Or how many of us think it's rude to drop in on a friend? I have to be honest... I would be super afraid to knock on a friends' door without calling at least a day in advance... and yet I would be tickled pink if a friend came over unannounced! What a special surprise!

Yes, I would be nervous about my messes or the dishes in the sink, but how often do we pause in our day to brew coffee for an afternoon chat? Aren't these friends of ours special... and more important than laundry. Shoot, they can help fold laundry!

Sometimes life seems sweeter when we slow down and enjoy the things that matter. Or better yet... the people who matter. Thanks Julie, for coming over for lunch and having a slow conversation with me about life.

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  1. I feel the same way. I would love for a friend to drop by, but am too afraid to drop by myself.

    When your in town again, feel free to stop by. I'll shove some stuff out of the way to make room for you at the table, and I'll brew some hot chocolate, coffee, or tea out of a Keurig K-cup too. I may not have showered yet, and drinks may be over a basket of laundry, but you and Lucas are always invited :)