Sunday, February 20, 2011

It's A Wrap

It was a slow week and in spite of that fact, it seemed to fly by. Matt was in tech rehearsals every night and Lucas was sick in the early portion of the week. I spend my days doing the usual... reading, cleaning and staying indoors. It was cold.

Matt and I went to the premier of In at the theater and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. It was a intriguing and challenging play, full of thought and conversation starters.

The great thing about going to opening night isn't just the date night, but the fact that immediately following the opener, Matt has a weekend to spend with us.

Yes, he spends most of the weekend recuperating and lazing about, but it's still wonderful to have him home again. It's fun to have long breakfasts in the morning and afternoon movie time while Lucas takes his nap.

Lucas soaks up the Dadda time, following him around and snuggling for unusual amounts of time on the couch. The moment Lucas wakes up in the morning, he walks immediately into our room to play with Matt in bed. His cheerful laughter and joy regarding Matt is unbelievably adorable.

It snowed again last night and this morning, resulting in cancellation of our Sunday plans. Instead we had a big breakfast, watched The Incredibles together and went for a snowy walk in the park.


  1. Beth! Those pictures are absolutely gorgeous! Glad you have a family weekend together!

  2. Family weekends are the best! We have been enjoying snow too. What a sweet picture of Matt and Lucas!

  3. There's a possibility of a snowy scene like that here come Thursday. I'll believe it when I see it :p