Monday, March 28, 2011

Seasonal Blues

This season between Winter and Spring has been a challenging one for me. The ground is wet with snow and the days have been more frequently gray. The cold is chilling my bones and cracking our skin. We're ready for some warmth.

Life at home has been up and down too. The transition into toddler life for Lucas has been one week on and one week off. The past few weeks have run together as rough weeks and admittedly I didn't have the strength to blog about anything. I find myself feeling defeated and run down, which isn't something you want to dwell on when you're in the midst of emotional chaos.

So here we are... The start of a new week and even though the weather is dark and cold, my heart is feeling renewed and revitalized. Lucas is content and seems to be in an "on week". This is great. My goal is to maximize this time of learning and exploring for him as we all try and recover from last week (As I write this, he has been momentarily placed in timeout.... so life is far from perfect... but better than it was).

So for the time being, I'll post a couple cute pics we snapped over the last few weeks:
Lucas is all about wearing hats, shoes.... pretty much anything of ours he can arrange in his own body. He looks great in the boho hat... especially with the dorky Onesie turtleneck and grey pants. Matt dressed him that day... I take no responsibility.
And... he's really big into waving now too. He waves at animals... even the stuffed ones.
Our dear child... naked... frolicking on our pillows. One can't help but cringe at the thought of naked bottom and "business" right where we put our heads at night. Lovely.
Ummm... that would be sugar glaze on his face... from the doughnut holes we snacked on.

This is the Wasatch Front which Salt Lake backs up to. I snapped this while running errands two weeks ago.


  1. I love all the cute pictures of Lucas! Spring is taking its sweet time coming here too... we keep getting snow. We're going through some of the same moodiness with Trip. It can be very frustrating at times and I keep having to remind myself to be patient. Be encouraged- you are not alone! Love you all!

  2. Thanks for the update. Love the pictures!