Friday, June 17, 2011

Last Monday we hitched a ride with my Dad into Salem... to see Grandpa and Grandma Tibbs. Leaving early enabled us to hit the ground running and have a full day with Grandpa and Grandma. What fun we had!

As usual, Lucas was incredibly drawn to Grandpa Dan. He and Grandpa spent most of the day together: walks, shoulder rides, snuggles, and playing non-stop. As you can see below, Dan was sweet enough to let Lucas play the guitar... which is a treat, because Little Man is NOT allowed to play with Mamma's guitar at home (not that it stops him from asking for it every other day). These types of activities are exactly what make Grandpa's so cool!
 Grandpa Dan is also busy with yardwork and projects outside... so of course, Lucas wanted to be out there to help/get in the way. If Grandpa went out with the dog, to get the mail... whatever... Lucas would go from window to window asking to go out too. It was SO sweet/annoying and eventually we decided to join Grandpa and sabotage his productive efforts. We spent a great part of the afternoon throwing rocks (even though Mommy cannot... can-not... CANNOT break this terrible habit from the boy who LOVES to throw anything) and running through the grass.
And of course... Grandma Lisa just doted on Lucas (and treated me pretty well too). We had delicious home-made snacks and an amazing lunch. We can always count on good food and comforting coffee at Grandma's house. When Grandma wasn't cooking for us, she spent lots of time playing with Lucas and assisting him on his deep desire to go up and down the stairs. Going up and down the stairs was a must. Grandma's bravery was patient in spite of the dangers of Lucas pulling her down with him. Her assistance gave him a HUGE amount of irrational confidence... resulting in bolting down the stairs. It's a good thing Grandma is spry and strong.
In these moments, it thrills me to know that Lucas will eventually have memories of special moments with his Grandparents. Right now, the groundwork is being laid and it seems that he already knows his time with them will be meaningful.

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  1. Grandma and grandpas are so important and special to their grandchildren <3