Thursday, June 23, 2011

Yup.... we're still in Portland and though it's flying by... I am counting the days until we're back in Salt Lake with Matt. Lucas wakes up every morning with a "Hi!" and then a "Dadda!?" Breaks my heart to tell him Daddy's not here. The sooner we're home the sooner Lucas can squeeze his Daddy's neck with a warm hug.

We've been busy, that's for sure. Saturday we had a baby shower for our friend, Kelly. And by we I mean Julie hosted and Tasha brought all the goodies. It was a great party. Kelly an Brandon have been blessed/challenged with the gift of twin boys, so they're gearing up with a whirlwind of a few months ahead. It was the least we could do to help prepare for whats ahead... and I had a chance to give Kelly a hug, which was a real bonus.

Sunday was Father's Day and we were with my folks that day. I made a big chili and cornbread dinner... following that we all sat around the fire pit in the backyard. Dad said it was a fun evening, because we didn't do anything too special... but it was out of the normal routine. I couldn't help but agree.
Lucas LOVES to play out in the backyard with Papa & Grandma!
Monday we spent the day in Salem again. This time Gran came up from Albany to hang out, which was such a treat! Not only is she incredibly charming with Lucas, but as a mother she is a priceless wealth of advice and information. I wasn't about to let the afternoon pass without seeking words of wisdom from her. I mean, after five kiddos (who are all now amazing adults), she HAS to have something to tell me regarding my incredibly special/high-energy/strong-willed child, right. Her words: Give him what he needs... even if it's hard. And he'll turn out perfect. Isn't she great!?
Myself, Lucas, Grandma Lisa and Gran... perfect day.
Tuesday was such a warm day here in Portland, so Julie and I took the kiddos on a fun walk to the park to play and picnic. It's nice to spend "normal" days with Julie and Brooklynn, but it seems Lucas is a bit much for Brooklynn to deal with most of the time. The result is Brooklynn being "mean" to Lucas and he antagonizing her (unbeknownst to him) most of the time. Getting out of the house is a must. I've had to let my dreams of them being the best playmates on the planet go...sadly. Maybe next time...maybe.

Wednesday was a day at the zoo. It was a full day, but I wanted to go to the zoo... in spite of our hectic schedule. That being said, we were blessed with Rashelle and Jacob's presence. Lucas and Jacob spent some quality time together, which warmed my heart. And... I relished the time with both of them!
Lucas thought Jacob's buzz-cut was really fun!
Love my bestie!
So here we are... a week out from heading back to Salt Lake. I am thoroughly enjoying my time with loved ones in this beautiful city and eager for what's ahead. We have a full schedule and plan on taking advantage of every day we're here. That being said, we're already dreaming of being back at home with Matt.

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