Monday, July 04, 2011

Wedded Bliss

The last week of our trip to Portland was a complete whirlwind and though I'm regretting not keeping up with events here on the blog, I plan to post as much as possible in order to share the fun we had.

LaRone and Lindsay's First Dance as a Married Couple
Two Fridays ago, my dear friend Lindsay was married. It was a darling wedding full of friends and family. Though we were not familiar with the groom, after seeing Lindsay and LaRone commit their lives together we hadn't a doubt for the love they shared for one another. I really do love weddings and will openly admit I cried seeing Lindsay walk down the aisle, full of joy and beauty.
Lindsay and I. Wasn't she just the prettiest!?
Rashelle, Myself and Chris... so glad to be with both of them on such an occasion.
Lindsay and LaRone... I wish you happiness, growth and maturity in your marriage. May you be blessed with friends and family who support you in all you experience throughout life together.

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