Wednesday, June 15, 2011

We're here! Four days later... I'm posting that we're in Portland. Fabulous. Anywho...our flight over was painless and Lucas was a champ! We were fortunate to be on a half-full Southwest plane, so our row was completely empty. It allowed Lucas to have his own seat... and this resulted in a very happy me (with the help of a few packs of fruit snacks)(who am I kidding!? Like... 10 packs of fruit snacks).

"I really wanna stand up and push all those buttons up there!"

There is always a fairly high level of stress when we travel... especially when I travel alone. Not to mention that we had opening night of Rent the night before flying... so I had to be all ready to go Friday afternoon... before Rent. Ugh. I knew getting up the next morning, we'd have to be ready to walk out the door. That being said, it was a success. We were able to grab coffee and pastries before making it to the airport, which is pretty much icing on the cake. Yay!

Needless to say, when we arrived in Portland this is unexplainable feeling of relief (I have a feeling other Moms and Dads can relate)... like, ahhh.... Now I can stop feeling like I may have an anxiety attack at any moment. Then seeing my sister and Brooklynn was such a feeling of joy on top of relief... it's just too much. I always cry. Sheesh.

So we're here. And enjoying the moments with friends and family. Now... if only my kid will take a friggin' nap!


  1. We're so excited to see you on Saturday <3
    If you need a ride, we can give you one. It's really not a problem.

  2. oh! so glad traveling went well. We miss you guys around here!