Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Nothing Quite Like Homemade

We canned a batch of apricots last night! And by we... I mean Matt. He did most of the work... the heavy work, at least. And now we have eleven pretty jars of apricot jam. Deeelish!

This was just apricots... not the sugar. The sugar nearly doubled the volume of our batch!
If you look closely... you can see the fruit settling on the top of the jars. Any ideas how we can prevent this from happening next time?


  1. The fruit rising to the top is very common in home canning and nothing to worry about.

    More importantly, where did you get apricots?! Are they local? I want to make jam so bad...

  2. That looks amazing! My mom and I just made three batches of strawberry freezer jam a couple of weekends ago when they were here. Yum! Our fruit rose to the top of the jars too. It happens every time but once we mix it up, it's fine.

  3. Yummy! Fruit always rising to the top with canning. You can pack your jars more so there isn't so much room to rise if it really bugs you. :)
    You're inspiring me to get some canning done now..... bugger. ;)