Monday, July 25, 2011

The Best Of Friends

Hello... I'm still here... even though I haven't posted. No one has been ill. No one has died. I've just been a bit emotionally uninspired and busy... which isn't the best of combinations when you're a blogger. Life is flying by, day by day... and I don't have the emotional or mental stability to process it all. 

But... after a refreshing weekend with friends... I'm feeling much peppier. Eugene works in the Ukraine and has been home (in the US) for a couple weeks. He was generous enough to come and see us here in the sweltering hot of Salt Lake City. And in doing so... he convinced Becca to come with him. Hooray!

There really isn't anything like being with loved ones who know you... really know you. They know what I used to be like... who I am right now and I'm sure they have an idea of what type of person I'll be in the future. They're friends who can make fun of me and I laugh right alongside. Those are the best of friends to have.

We all crammed into our tiny apartment and ate a ton of bad food, watched movies, played games and reminisced with stories of recent and old. The funny thing is looking back and realizing just how dorky/lame/innocent/hilarious we were in the early days. Isn't friendship fun when you can grow together?

So... you can all thank Euge and Becca for helping (unbeknownst to them) pull me from my slump. I'm back!

Becca and Lucas. Oh and that isn't a bloody nose on my child... it's an owie from the day before!
Euge has a thing for pig boogers.
Lucas ADORES Eugene... and his reader.
Dear Becca... you're adorable. And guys... she's single... just an fyi.
Euge... handsome as always. He's single too...hint, hint.
Waiting to eat at Red Iguana, SLC. Good Mexi food!

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