Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A Little Slice Of Every Day

The great thing about living in Salt Lake City (and not Portland) is that it's summertime every day. Our poor friends and family back home are being deprived of sunny, warm days... in spite of the fact that we're nearly through the month of July. The weather here in Utah has provided many fun days of outdoor activities.

Liberty Park is the largest park in the city and we're privileged to live just a half a block away. This park has two playgrounds, two water features for children to play in, a pool, and so many other activities for people of all ages. Water activities are our favorite. And they're free! I consider that a win.

The above water feature is a sort-of fountain. It sprays water from varying places on the ground and then through the rings. Kids love it! Although... I should mention that we're at the park at 9:00a in these photos and most families show up around eleven... so we had the fountain to ourselves for a few minutes. This is also a bonus in living close to the park... we can come and go whenever.

Anywho... this is just a little slice of every day for us.


  1. Although it has been cooler here, I'm thankful we're not stuck in a heat wave. However, I would like some more 80 degree days. The low 70s is getting kind of old.

  2. I love those action shots and looks of pure bliss! I wish we could come join you at the park!