Thursday, July 28, 2011

Curious Little Guy

The other day Quentin came over to play for a few hours so his lovely lil' Mamma (Erin) could enjoy lunch with her Mother and Grandmother (those of you who have had small children know just how impossible it is to have a nice, quiet, relaxing lunch with a small child... especially a toddler). That being said, Quentin is charming and the cutest little gentleman... but he's still a toddler. So he came to our house to hoard toys (this is what most toddlers do) and get into new stuff!

It was so much having him over! Lucas loves to play with kids of all ages, but Quentin is just a few months younger, so it's especially fun to have someone the same size. I typically let them play on their own and go about my usual business, but I underestimated Quentin's sneakiness. Ha ha! While he and Lucas played in Lucas' room, Quentin had decided it was a good idea to pull himself into Lucas' crib (mind you, the side was halfway down)! I was amazed... as was Lucas... because he came running out of his room to tell me ("Uh-Oh, Uh-Oh, Uh-Oh...") what was going on. He pulled me into his room and I see Quentin running back and forth in the crib... laughing and smiling from ear to ear. I had to laugh out loud myself... and take a few pictures of course.

Oh! And Lucas insisted on getting into the crib too...

Notice Quentin still has a truck in his hand... he managed to get into the crib without letting go of the toy. Amazing!
Needless to say, it was a fun morning with Quentin. I love to see other children Lucas' age experience life through different vantage points. Lucas has never attempted to get into or out of his own crib... it's never occurred to him (I think). But it was as if Quentin thought to himself: "I've got to get in there!" Funny.
As you can see... behind my obnoxiously yelling child... Quentin is having a pretty good time.
After this funny little incident, I began to think about all the things Lucas has and has not done as a toddler (though he has plenty of time to do them). It seems as if every mother has small tales to tell of their own children being the deviant, curious, and brave toddler they are! Quentin is a smart little guy and I have a feeling Erin is going to have plenty of stories to tell about her curious little toddler.
It's so fun being me!

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