Friday, August 12, 2011

You Know You're a Committed Parent When...

You know you're a committed parent when you find yourself thrilled at the thought of making your child happy. And even better... you know you're committed when it sneaks up on you in TJ Max. See, I was shopping for myself... not Lucas. And not only was I shopping for myself, but I was shopping for an outfit that would hopefully convince folks at a party that I'm not a mom (don't get me wrong... I'm not ashamed of being a mom... I just don't want to dress like one sometimes). That's when things took a sharp twist.

I nearly fell on the floor at TJ's when I saw an end-cap with adorable little Thomas'. They were smiling at me with their creepy little eyes and chubby cheeks saying... "Look how cheap we are compared to regularly priced stores... you know you want me." And I replied in return, "Yes... I do want you. I...ahem...Lucas must have you." I could feel my heart pounding with the thrill of finding such a great price on a toy that is clearly overly-priced due to the nature of merchandising (don't get me started on all of that shizz) and normally, we wouldn't purchase something that would encourage our child to "want" in the store... but again... the price!... and IT'S THOMAS!

All in all, I bought it. And that cute little purple skirt I found... it was only okay compared to Thomas. Because bottom line... I may not want to dress like a Mom, but I sure as hell find myself shopping like a mom. At the root of it I'm completely sold out on my kid.

I would consider this a win.


  1. Beautiful story! Isn't it cool how the prospect of making your child smile can make your own desires pale in comparison? Trip is crazy about Thomas too!

  2. As much as I like buying for myself, I love shopping for Liam more.

    We generally don't buy gifts for Liam outside of birthday and Christmas, but since those events are within a month apart from each other, I figured special summer gifts would be acceptable. I bought him some small plastic Tonka cars which he loves, and the cute toddler table at Ikea. Both items, especially together, Liam gets great joy. It was so worth the summer splurge.