Thursday, September 01, 2011


So... Matt and I are hooked on Battlestar Galactica. I just had to come out with it.

It seems after having a baby our idea of relaxation and "letting down" has changed a bit. I'd say we've probably stepped down to low-brow ways of escape and decompressing... which I'm not ashamed to admit. Watching TV is nice. No, it's great! After Lucas goes to bed, it's just too much to pick up projects or assume heavy responsibilities. I'm too tired. Not just physically, but emotionally and mentally. A day of constant problem solving and diffusing leaves me weary and in need of something requiring very little.

Right now it's Battlestar Galactica and a few months ago it was Dr. Who (and will be again when I can watch the new season episodes!) and months from now it'll be something else. Something mindless. Because frankly... whether it's sitting on the porch watching traffic, scrapbooking or watching TV shows on Netflix, it's a way to relax. And relaxing is a highly necessary thing right now.

How do you relax daily? Weekly?


  1. We love Battlestar Galactica! Such a good show-- we just finally finished it a few weeks ago, actually, after starting it when I was on maternity leave with GRACE. Slow us...

  2. We relax with TV too. I spent the summer watching "24," and in the evenings Brent and I like watching a couple History Channel shows. Namely, "Modern Marvels" and "How the States Got Their Shapes."

    I'm excited for our fall lineup to return :)

    I also relax by perusing FB and playing Words With Friends.

  3. A.MEN.

    Also, there's a fun BBC miniseries called Robin Hood that I loved. It's from a few years back...there are 3 seasons. Just mindless, cute, adventurous fun!