Wednesday, August 31, 2011

It's A Bike.

Lucas' fascination with bikes is over the top. The boy will hear a motorcycle from indoors, stop what he's doing and yell, "Bike!!!" And he'll keep saying, "Bike, Bike, Bike..." until someone acknowledges that yes indeed, that was a bike. The only thing cooler than a bike is a train and I'm just going to be honest here, odds are very low that Lucas will ever have his own train.

But... Lucas now has his very own bike (ahem.... it's actually a Tryke). Again... if it has wheels or spokes, it's a bike in his mind... so I'm not gonna go burstin' that kids bubble by trying to convince him otherwise. It's a bike. And it's a step in the right direction, because he's all brave and guts with that thing. He couldn't wait to get his little butt on that seat and try his darnedest to peddle that bike around the house. Unfortunately, it's a tough ride on the carpet and small spaces in our little dirt shack.
As you can see, Matt and Lucas (just Matt) put the bike together. Lemme just tell you... this is no Ikea situation. You need a hammer, a wrench and a screwdriver! Serious work here people... serious work. Oh! And of course... Lucas needed the flashlight. Because every good handy man has a flashlight.

After quickly realizing that we don't live in the type of home my parents lived in while I was growing up (spacious)... we took Lucas and his bike outside. And he was in Heaven! The child refused to get off the bike so we could take it down the stairs. Yea. He pretty much runs the show around here. Needless to say, his slaves (Matt and I) picked the bike up while he remained steady on the seat and set it on the ground. And then Lucas proceeded to "ride" his bike.

I say "ride" because, the Tryke has a pole attachment on the back, which allows the parentals to push the child, should said child be too young (or weak) to pedal themselves (I should also add... the attachment is  a great way to keep your child from being overconfident and riding themselves into a six-lane highway). Basically, it's a win-win.
Our house... the crusty one on the left.
Pedaling isn't the issue... it's steering that is a problem.
I'm such a big boy!


  1. That is incredibly cool! We may have to get such a bike for Trip. He likes to ride a broken-down kids' four wheeler that someone gave us for parts, but it's super hard for an adult to push. A handle would be very handy!

  2. So cute! I love it <3