Saturday, September 17, 2011

Fabulous Meaningful Conversation

The evening Matt and I shared last night was fabulous. Our evening started with a predictably delicious meal at Pago. Matt had a burger and I had a steak... because the only meal that came with their mashed potatoes was the steak. Lemme tell you... those mashed potatoes should be called buttery, whipped, delicious potatoes. Yum!
Caviar Potato Skins With Local Artisan Cheese Infused with Espresso and Blueberry
The Steak... and the Potatoes hiding under the Steak.
Hello Handsome
After a coffee we headed to the theater to see "Next To Normal", which is a show about the realities of bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. I truly believe everyone should either read the show or see it for themselves. It's a beautifully sad show and hides no aspect these very real disorders that so many of our loved ones deal with. You'll cry your eyes out and you'll have meaningful conversations afterward. Isn't that what theater is about?

Matt was exhausted, so we skipped the after-party and headed home for some serious sleep. My poor man was up again this morning for a new round of technical rehearsals for the University Theater. Midsummer Night opens this coming Friday and there is much to be done in preparation for that. Even still... it was good to spend an evening with my Hubs and see his hard work in show. Until next time!


  1. Wow! That looks like a fantastic meal. Great picture of the two of you- you look beautiful as always! I love your dress!

  2. Great picture of you guys! I do love that about theater, and even some movies...that it can make you learn and feel and think and cry. Wish I could see it with you!

  3. Beautiful picture of you two!