Monday, September 19, 2011

Wishing It Was The Weekend

Mondays totally stink! True story. This is due to the fact that Matt goes back to work and I find myself back at the daily grind. I know, I know... I should find joy in my daily grind; serving my family and making our house a home. But c'mon... I like lazy Sunday mornings better. I like late dinners and up-all-night discussions. Can't do those after Monday. Gotta get back at it.

And here we are... Monday.

I shouldn't complain. Lucas and I went to the zoo this morning with a few of our favorites. That's a great way to spend Monday morning! It was a cool, crisp Fall morn and I wore jeans for nearly the first time in months! I love the zoo this time of year. All the wild and crazy Utah kids (and there are lots of them here!) are back in school and the zoo is left to the home-schoolers and little ones like Lucas. There is no pushing and shoving to see that sad gorilla behind the glass... plenty of room for everyone. Yay.

But in spite of the zoo... I'm finding myself in a slump this afternoon. Lucas is thrilled because Grandma Judy sent a bunch of toys... so he could care or notice less that I'm feeling poopy. That's a good thing. I know I'll snap out of it, but in the meantime, I'm gonna continue wishing it was the weekend.

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  1. Especially after a relaxing and enjoyable night hanging out like last night!

    Despite much improved moods around here my Monday afternoon has felt a little poopy too.

    Ah well, the advice I'm giving myself.... fix a little snack, turn on some good sing along tunes on pandora, light a candle and clean one (small) room. I'm hoping to feel productive end encouraged if I accomplish all that!