Friday, October 21, 2011

Bison On Antelope Island

This afternoon, Emily and I took the kiddos out to Antelope Island... which is one of the many islands in the Great Salt Lake. Antelope Island is the home to wildlife, including Antelope (bet you didn't see that one coming) and Buffalo or Bison. The kids were thrilled to see such wildlife. There isn't a lot to do out there, beside hike on the sand dunes (ugh... tough walk) or wade in the salty, stinky water. So... We packed a dinner and watched the sun set. Best... idea... ever.

The Salt Lake... looking out from Antelope Island. You're seeing the Wasatch Mountains in the background.

Aviana and Cole with Lucas.... besties!
Emily and I

Lucas with his adorable flannel shirt... looks just like his Dad.

Delicious picnic... Goldfish, String Cheese, Fruit and Sandwiches.

The Sunset... amazing!

It's chilly as the sun sets... and man he's cute!


  1. What a beautiful evening!

  2. what a beautiful sunset and what a cutie! beth, you are an inspiration. thank you for sharing your heart.