Saturday, October 22, 2011

Pumpkins and Hay Maze!

Fall is the most delightful season of them all! I just adore the shorter days and cozier nights. It's true... when I worked outside of the home, I struggled with the darker mornings and sunsets that seem to come too soon. But now, I embrace them. The evenings are spent reading with a cup of tea and a candle. The mornings... getting up early to make oatmeal and coffee... and leaning into that snuggly bathrobe against the cool morning air. Ahh... Fall... how do I love thee?

With all good Fall activities, I try and get to the pumpkin patch. I'm not positive we ended up going last year and I'm sure I was disappointed. The pumpkin patch only comes once a year! This year, Emily and I took the kiddos to a place out of town and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. I'm not gonna lie... legitimate pumpkin patches are nearly impossible to find in or around Salt Lake City, so when Emily invited us out we jumped the opportunity.

Anywho... as usual, I took a grip of photos. Rather than give you a play by play... I'll post a few cuties who got into the spirit of things.
Hay Maze! And as you can see... this is the general way things go.
Lucas running... again. The child wakes up running and ends his day running. He's FULL of energy.
Cole found himself a Wooly Worm. Cute!
Evaluating our picks... although, Lucas could care less. 
Photo opportunity with Cole, Alidia and Aviana on the hay bales... and snack time!
Momma and her boy.
Rock! Rock. Rock. The child repeats words until I say, "Yes Lucas, you have a rock." Funny...
Happy pumpkin patching!


  1. I hear you with the running. Brent and I spent most of this morning chasing Liam down at the pumpkin patch.

  2. love the close up of you and lucas and love his orange sweater!