Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chaos, Judging and Lots of Kids

As a mother who values structure and control, I have put off chaotic places and events to take my child in the past two years. One of those places would be the Children's Museum. Whenever someone would talk about taking their little ones to the Museum, all I could envision was kids running everywhere, foaming at the mouth and acting like a bunch of little hooligans. In addition, I envisioned my own child joining the revolt and essentially turning to me, his mother and giving me the middle finger as he runs with the others like a pack of wolves.

Thankfully, that didn't happen this morning. But I'll tell you what did happen... my child took a giant dump in a fairly constricted place that quickly reeked of poo. Mind you, it wasn't like the poo just appeared. He grips something very firmly, gets red in the face and tears pool in his eyes as he's workin' on it (this is a fairly normal routine, mind you). Lovely. The first time he ever poops in a public place... would be amongst other mothers... who would totally judge me for not having my 15 month old potty trained. He might as well have taken a poo in Nordstrom. Sheesh.

All of that being said, it was a fun morning. Lucas was wiped out afterward and I think I've had my share of pushy, aggressive, non-sharing children for awhile. I couldn't believe how many six year olds literally ripped toys out of my child's hands... it was appalling... and probably something I'll be dealing with when Lucas is six years old too. Who am I to judge?! But seriously people... reign in your kids! Ha ha ha...

I should add... Lucas would walk up to a few kids who were nicely piling blocks up as high as they could, and punch the blocks. The block towers would crumble right along with the hopes and dreams of those five year olds. Sad? Yes. He basically ruined their lives on a repeated basis. So...yea. He's no better than those stupid six year olds I suppose.

Thankfully I had a buddy. Erin and Quentin went with us and it's always nice to have another mom you can trust around, even if conversation was impossible. I can't imagine going alone... that would be so lame. I'd probably follow Lucas around scowling at other kids and mentally keeping a list of which brats belong to which mothers... silently judging them. Erin's nice and her niceness rubs off. There wasn't too much judging today.

Maybe just a little...

The Museum has a real helicopter for the kids to get inside... it makes helicopter noises too!
Lucas and his copilot, Quentin!
Quentin and his lovely mother, Erin.

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