Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Hipster Kitties and Katy Perry

On Halloween I got a text from my sister saying: "Halloweiner!" I must admit, it's one of my favorite holidays, even if it is the "devil's holiday." It makes me chuckle to think of folks who take themselves so seriously, they miss out on opportunities to be with their communities and have a little fun! The kids LOVE dressing up (so do the adults) and the thrill of parties and trick or treating get everyone excited.

This year, Emily and I went to a party with some friends and we took the opportunity to dress up ourselves. Now... mind you, we made efforts to look cute, but not slutty. What is it about Halloween that gives girls the excuse to look trampy!? Anywho... hopefully we didn't look too trampy.

I love how tough Emily looks here... tat and all!
Emily, Myself, Cat (Waldo), Levi (Katy Perry), and Lucas (Hipster Kitty). All great costumes!
As you can see above, our group had a pretty awesome time pulling the costumes together. I'm so bummed the picture is really poor quality... but I had to post it. It's fun when you realize just getting ready for a costume party pulls people together and creates a bonding experience. We all shared and showed off our costumes, asking one another for approval and nodding when we realized it is a total hit (example... Levi)!
At the party...Myself, Stephanie, Levi, Emily, Deb, and Cat.
 I hope your Halloween was community oriented and gave you an opportunity to love those around you just a little bit more! And maybe you had a good laugh too. That makes any event more fun.

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  1. Love it! Although I think Levi as Katy Perry may haunt my dreams forever.