Monday, November 21, 2011

Boot Scootin' Boogy

In spite of my withdrawn and antisocial week, this past weekend was full of social fun. Josie had herself a birthday and we all went out in her honor. We hit up The Westerner, which is a big western bar south of Salt Lake a bit. Lemme tell you... lots of good people watching there! We saw all types.

Anyway... I did not manage to get a photo of the birthday girl (she was surrounded by so many friends!), but I did snap a pic with a few of my other favorites! Tim was attempting to get out of the photo, but failed. Aww... Tim and the girls. Just perfect.
Haley, Deb, Tim, Steph and Emily
I also managed to do a little dancing and a little mechanical bull riding, which I can be honest and say... I will never do again. This would not qualify as one of my more lady-like moments and frankly, it just felt silly. Oh well. I did it and there... it's done.

The dancing, was great. Especially since I had a pretty cute date. It felt like we were at a high school dance everytime we got out on the floor for a slow dance. Matt was a good sport.

So.. happy birthday Josie! You're a great gal and we had a great time at your birthday celebration! Thanks for being such a fun person!

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  1. Sometimes it's so nice to let loose and feel young again, especially when you get to bring along the hubs <3