Thursday, November 17, 2011

Chocolately Star Cookies

I should have known better... but couldn't resist sharing these little gems with my cookie-lovin' guy. After a nibble or two on these delicious dark chocolate covered cookies all I'm hearing is: "Star Momma... Star...More! Peese!!"

Can't say I don't blame him. If he weren't in the same room as me right now, I'd be shoveling them into my mouth by the fistful. THEY'RE SO GOOD!

Trader Joe's really needs to make an appearance in Salt Lake City... for the love of everything delicious and quirky. So... I smuggled some yum's in and now we're chompin' em' down! Good thing I have a buddy to share with.
What if we all ate our cookies with this much enthusiasm? Wouldn't life be grand?
Also... I recognize this is my second post in two days that involves cookies.... don't hate, people. We like our cookies here!

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