Sunday, November 20, 2011

"Sit On The Potty Chair"

Our little man just went potty in his potty chair all on his own!

This is big people, REALLY BIG! Due to the aforementioned fever rash, Lucas has some irritation in area... so I've been letting him run around as God intended; naked. It's fabulous. For him.

Ikea's LATTSAM Children's Potty
I've planted his potty chair smack in the middle of the room, hoping his nakedness would encourage urination in the potty. Yea... it's been a day or two and the guy sits down and immediately says: "Done!" He's too busy to go potty. And would rather pee in the corner when Mom has her back turned... lovely and disgusting.

But today... he says: "Poo Mom, poo." (you should know that we cannot break our child from calling both pee and poo the same thing. It's all poo). So I casually say (without hope): "If you have to go potty, you need to go over and sit on your potty chair."

What does he do!? He meanders over slightly flexes his legs and starts going potty in the potty chair! I am speechless (which is a miracle in itself) and Matt is giggling next to me. Our little boy is peeing, standing up, right into his potty chair. Not a drop was spilled!

I'm sure this is the start of a long road ahead... but lots of praise and a lil' sweet treat hopefully got this ball rolling in the right direction. Here's hoping. And for right now, I just can't stop smiling at the image of my little baby peeing like a big boy in his potty... perfectly! Sigh....


  1. YAY!!!! Way to go Lucas!!! I know there are lots of different ways to potty train and we did attempt awhile ago with Jackson (he was just too young) but I'm all for hunkering down and letting the little one be naked for a few days to get the hang of it! Everyone does it differently but I'm pro the nakey route :) I can't wait to hear how things go for you guys!

  2. It IS a huge deal! I believe potty training is the fifth circle of hell, and every little milestone deserves to be celebrated. Hope this is the beginning of a long poo streak. ;)