Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas Day A Week Away

I can't believe we're looking at Christmas day just a week from now! I LOVE the holidays and every year marvel at how quickly they fly by. This year... I blinked and they're almost here.

We won't be headed home to Oregon this year, which is a decision both Matt and I made for multiple reasons. The largest being, Matt has to strike (tear down) Annie on the 23rd... which means flying on the 24th... which isn't awesome. Secondly, money. This is our year of attempting to make wise and discerning decisions regarding our finances... and eight-hundred dollars in plane tickets just didn't feel right.

So here we are. I waffle back and forth between serious depression and excitement for Christmas day. I know it's going to be difficult... being away from family and tradition (even the weird traditions). The other side of the coin is a good one... because we'll have room to be selfish and take that afternoon nap. We'll only have each other to focus on and maybe it'll be just as much fun as being with my crazy Mom!

We'll see.

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  1. Ahh... that crazy mom of yours. She makes every encounter extra... unique ;)