Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Annie Isn't So Bad

As I posted before, Matt had been working on Annie for the holiday season show at Pioneer Theater. I went into the evening dragging my feet, because in my personal opinion...Annie is one of the most annoying shows on the face of the planet. I was stoked about snuggling with my man all night, but not about watching a bunch of gnarly looking kids singing and dancing for two and a half hours.

Lemme just tell you... I was thoroughly impressed with the production. The kids were amazing and adorable and believable! I literally had tears in my eyes at points, because they were so friggin' cute! All of the characters were cast with intention and it really proved worthwhile. After the show was over, I just couldn't stop talking about it.

Anyway... as usual, I didn't get any decent photos. I was wearing a great dress and some smokin' heels... which had to be taken off halfway through the evening, because I'm to weak sauce to grin and bear it. All of that being said, it was nice to share an evening with Matt. It's always a treat to be have an opportunity to see the project he's been working on and meet the folks he's been spending his days (and nights) with.

 If you live in the Salt Lake area and haven't taken your kiddos to this show... do it, because it'll totally be worthwhile for your entire family.

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  1. There may be no pictures of the whole dress, but you look pretty smokin' in the part I can see.

    Matt's one lucky guy ;)