Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Holiday Fun

As you've probably noticed, not a lot of action has been taking place on the blog. And to be honest, it's completely skipped my mind some days. I blame it on Matt.

Matt has been home more the past two weeks, which is awesome! His last two weeks of tech for Annie... the guy logged 165 hours. I almost threw up in my mouth when he told me this gem of a fact. It's incredible how much time I have when he's busy in the theater and how I manage to be so productive as a means of staving off loneliness. Now that he's on a "normal person's schedule"... I'm one of the laziest, slovenly gals I know! We watch movies, eat delicious food, drink delicious beverages, hang out with some pretty great people, play games, chase Lucas around, enjoy holiday festivities and such (we do other things too... but this isn't the forum for that type of talk). And as I sit here and write, I wish it was always this way.

With that in mind, I might not appreciate these times as much if they were the norm. So...I'll do a little updating today... but I can't promise I will be steady with posts over the course of the next few weeks. Please forgive me... I'm busy having fun.


  1. Yay! Rob worked 80-hour work weeks through most of med school, residency, and fellowship (that's a total of 9 years there) so I definitely feel you. His new job here in SLC with its lovely better-than-average hours has been such a revelation; it has been a really positive thing in our marriage. Enjoy these times!

  2. I'm glad you're having "all kinds" of fun ;)

    I was just thinking yesterday how I'm kinda glad you haven't blogged in awhile. Not that I don't LOVE reading your blogs, but because I don't feel so bad about blogging only once a week when you do the same ;)