Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Tradition, Hope & Togetherness

Oh how I love the holidays! It's full of tradition, hope and togetherness. This past weekend we held up our tradition of going and getting a fresh (sorta) tree. Since living in Salt Lake, we've run up against the problem of no tree lots! Yep. Considering it's fairly high desert here, to truck trees in is quite expensive (unlike Oregon).

With that in mind, a family from Kalispell, Montana brings trees in every year and we have decided it's our tradition to go and help them make some Christmas booty by purchasing a tree from their lot.*  The Robinson Tree Farm Lot is the friendliest, most helpful group of men I've ever met (ladies... you might check it out, if you're single! J/K).

Anyway... we brought our tree home and made an evening of it. I know I've already said it, but I'm just thrilled to have Lucas participate in a more active way this year. He's just darling and really wants to engage with us regarding all the activities we're participating in. He uses his words now, saying things like: Tree, lights, Jesus, Santa, Ho Ho Ho (expecting someone in the room to echo with, "Merry Christmas!") and Star! It warms my heart to see him learn so much about culture and tradition in our family.

Lucas put a few ornaments on the tree, with Dad's help, of course.
"Lucas, you have to be careful with the ornaments. Please don't throw them."
Ta-Da! It's much prettier in person. How does a person take great photos of their Christmas tree!? Ugh...
 It seems getting a Christmas tree is always the kickoff for our Holidays Season. Nothing can happen until a tree is in place. Now that we're there, I'm looking forward to evenings with homemade nog, cookies and candlelit conversations.

*The lot is near Nibley Golf Course, off 700 East in Salt Lake City. Oh! And they only take cash or check... just so you know.


  1. I've seen Christmas tree picture tips on Pinterest.

  2. Awwww, so lovely! And here is what I do for Christmas tree pictures. Turn off almost all the other lights in the room, turn off your flash, and use a tripod (or MacGyver one somehow). Then turn on the self-timer mode (i.e. like you would if you were going to run around and be in the picture-- this is so that the jiggle from you pushing the button to take the picture doesn't make it blurry).