Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Heart Is What Matters Most

In spite of being far away, my folks went ahead and sent us lovely Christmas gifts through the mail. Two of Lucas' favorites are the Work Truck and his Crane... which he lovingly calls, Cranky.

This particular vehicle is used as a seat more than anything. Evidently, it's perfect to watch movies on. And... after a shower... it's the first thing that is sat on with a bare bottom. Lovely...

As you can see... this Crane looks nothing like Cranky (from Thomas the Train)... but any crane seen in town is called Cranky. Lucas will be in the back of the car, quiet (which rarely happens) and observing... and randomly call out: Cranky! Sure enough... there will be a crane in the distance.

Lucas ocassionally says: Papa or Grandma when he plays with these toys. That always warms our hearts. Toys are fun, but more importantly, the love from which they came is something to always keep in mind. No matter the gift... it's the heart that matters the most.

Thank you Papa and Grandma for the beautiful gifts.

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  1. Grandparents are such a blessing <3