Monday, January 02, 2012

A Little Getaway

Matt and I had the opportunity to take a night for ourselves last week, so we packed our bags up and headed to Park City*.  It was wonderful to spend an evening and a day with each other... talking about nothing of great importance, not worrying about when we had to return or responding to the small (but many) demands of our little child.  We just wanted to be together.

For dinner, we ate at a little place called Windy Ridge Cafe.  The restaurant was tucked in behind a few industrial buildings, but ended up being a charming, cozy little place.  The decor had the feel of being at Grandma's house (as long as your grandma was big into Italian art deco and comforting colors).  I had fettuccine alfredo, which was fabulous.  Matt had a hamburger... which he claimed was "forgettable." If you end up there yourself, go for the pasta. You won't be disappointed.

For breakfast we ate at the Eating Establishment on Main. Fabulous. Good coffee, good crepes, good hash... overall, it was a win. I could have taken a book and read all morning in the room we were seated in. It was glass room, lit with natural sunlight. A small fireplace warmed the room from one side and folks mozied into the restaurant in various morning attire. Between the good food and good people watching, I'd recommend it to anyone!

I'm not sure why we didn't do this before... but anyone with little children, lemme just tell you... you HAVE to sneak away every once in awhile.  It's wonderful to come home refreshed, rejuvenated and ready to be a parent again.

*For those of you who don't know... Park City is Utah's premier ski village just about 45 minutes East of Salt Lake City.  The town is quaint, cold and full of diverse people. I highly recommend a day trip, at the least.

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  1. I was just telling Brent last night that we needed to take a day or two away. Just the two of us. Maybe a weekend in May since Mothers Day, our anniversary, and my birthday are all in the same month.

    I'm glad you took some time to yourselves :)