Thursday, January 19, 2012

Muddy Puddles

Lucas has been unruly, no... straight up difficult.  And I am at my wits end with the boy. The child is a toddler (two and a half) and given the personality he's been blessed with, he is going to push buttons/blow boundaries/challenge authority/try new things/ruin things/be loud.... and many more.  So these days may just get more challenging for all three of us (here's hoping not).

To boot, we're trapped indoors most days and I can be the first to admit: My child is bored.  Toddler plus boredom equals trouble.

So today... after a bubblegum and a body wash incident, I decided it was time to go outside and blow off some steam.

We've had some snow this week and last night a big there were snowy puddles everywhere. This is perfect for kiddos who LOVE to puddle jump. Lucas was in Heaven and by the time we got home, the boy had a muddy butt and soggy socks. Here's hoping I can think of some fun things to do this afternoon....

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  1. Beth!I just love reading your posts! Jackson is SO difficult right now and it makes me feel like i'm not alone to hear the awesome that you experience daily with Lucas! Thanks for sharing and for making me feel like i'm not the only one :)