Friday, January 20, 2012

Getting Out

Lucas and I met up with Erin, Quentin and new little Isabella today. We were supposed to go to the aquarium, but judging from the parking lot... everyone from the suburbs was hanging out... with their six kids, of course. You can imagine what the aquarium looked like inside: chaos. We will have none of that.

So we went down to the mall instead. Obvious choice.

The great thing about South Town Mall are all the children's activities. We rode the train and the carousel.  Needless to say, Lucas enjoyed every moment of it. And I got a few moments to chit chat with Erin! I would consider that a win.

This is Lucas' thrilled face as the train pulled out of the "station." He was beside himself with happiness.

The child could NOT wait to ride the reindeer... although once we were on the carousel, he realized how big it was. In spite of the apprehension, he asked for another ride within a few minutes of our first being over.
Here's to getting out of the house... and keeping my wild-child occupied with some fun during these cold months. I'm attempting to compile a list of places to go that are easy and fairly low-cost (this cost us more than I would like), because in desperate times, I often come up with a blank. This way... I'll be prepared.

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  1. I just realized your hair is short. Adorable :)