Monday, January 23, 2012

Taking A Break

This past year I've arranged more room in my life for reading, and without regret.  Anyone who knows me will quickly agree that I've always spent the majority of my reading with non-fiction books... often self-help and books on spirituality or parenting.

I'm gonna be honest... I'm tired of trying to fix myself.  I'm tired of trying to be a better person.  I'm tired of reading boring non-fiction.

The past few months find me spending my free time with fiction. I picked up a novel and found myself enthralled in the story. I was lost in fiction and it was wonderful!  I'm not discerning nor do I seek out intellectual fiction... I pick up stuff that has a good cover or an intriguing summary on the inside flap. I choose books at the thrift store or pull books off the shelf from the greenroom at Matt's work (don't worry! I'll return it). I keep it easy.

I've decided to take an unofficial break from non-fiction. And it feels good.

You can see the books I've been reading to the right sidebar of this page. If you have recommendations, they're gladly welcomed.

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  1. Oh man, I am SUCH a fiction person. I really have to force myself to read non-fiction, for the development of my mind and so forth.