Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Good Lesson In Priorities

It's 1:55am as I write this, and as one would assume I either have a newborn or a mean case of insomnia. I have neither... I have a distracting husband who works most efficiently at night and his wakefulness has spurred wakefulness in myself. I find myself alert and thinking of little things I could be doing(like removing my tacky nail polish) , instead of trying to sleep.

So here I am. Blogging. Internet surfing. Pinteresting. Yes... in the middle of the night, I am online. Like millions of others, I fill the void of night with the internet. And this got me to thinking.

Grandma & I... October 2006
My grandmother suffered mostly a lifetime of insomnia, poor thing. I think it was attributed to mild anxiety and knowing her personality, it probably was also due to the fact that the woman's brain never stopped thinking... and praying. That being said, I distinctly remember seeing her light on or finding her in the living room in the dark of night with her Bible. She'd just be sitting, reading, praying... reflecting (and probably obsessing over someone she loved... someone who was misbehaving or making others unhappy... Grandma was a peacemaker) and imagining a life different that the one she lived in. A life where she and her loved ones basked in endless happiness.

When I visualize my lovely Grandmother I don't imagine her wasting her precious night hours online. I don't see her catching up on random people's Facebook or eyeballing beautiful furniture on Pinterest (although she did have a knack for loving beautiful furniture)... in my mind's eye, I see Grandma praying with her Bible in her lap.

Grandma knew where it was at... she was all about Jesus. Or maybe reading her Bible was the only way she could sleep (it works, people!)... but either way, her heart was always evident in the ways of the Lord.

At the very least, it's a good lesson on priorities.

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