Saturday, May 26, 2012


Okay...we are here in Winona! After our sixteen hour day yesterday, today's day of nine hours seemed like a breeze.

We drove through the remainder of Nebraska...stopped on Iowa for lunch and made it into Minnesota by late afternoon. We hit Winona in time for a very late dinner.

Overall, the day was great. Lucas peed his pants right out of the gate, which was soooo frustrating. But other than that, it was an easy day. The kiddo took a two hour nap (which is understandable, considering how much sleep deprivation he's endured), read books and watched a movie. Thank the Lord in Heaven for modern technology!

Iowa is a beautiful state... full of lush farming and large groves of deciduous trees. It seems Iowa may be a state who prides herself on wind powered energy...because I have never seen more wind turbines than when we drove through the farmlands of Iowa.

Minnesota is just as quaint, although the land is a tad more rugged with valleys and creek beds. The roads are windier and definitely more exciting than the previous states we've driven through.

Now that we are here, I am eager to learn more about this cute little town. I look forward to experiencing a little bit of Minnesota through life here in Winona!

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  1. Dear ones,

    So glad you're there and settling in. Thanks for all the updates.

    Much love,

    Dad Tibbs