Saturday, May 26, 2012


As you may already know, today was the day we set out on our Summer adventure. We parted ways with home this morning and considered ourselves awesome due to the fact that we were five minutes ahead of schedule. Win. Our three hours of sleep prior to that; fail.

Overall, we drove 900 miles today and made it to Lincoln, Nebraska in 15 hours. If you're wondering, that is not good time. We happened to have a toddler along for the ride, who happened to claim he needed to poop every 45 minutes...only he didn't.

I should note... Lucas was SUCH a little gentleman today. No breakdowns (outside of above mentioned poops), good natured attitudes and overall good behavior. Both Matt and I are so proud of his patience and positive demeanor today!

We saw a lot of extreme weather in the way of dense fog and heavy winds. Wyoming is a strange state, for sure. It has to be the wind. Gusts were straight up scary. Ironically, the dense fog was in Wyoming too. Basically, don't go to Wyoming. It's weird AND dangerous!

Nebraska on the other hand, is lovely. The Platt river is lush and lovely...with camping and hiking all along the interstate. The farms are beatific and the terrain is rolling hills of wheat grass and alfalfa. If I lived in the Midwest, I would totally hang out in Nebraska!

So here we a Hilton Express...after the longest day of my life (we lost an hour with the Central Time Zone too) and I can already feel my head sinking into this pillow. It's going to be a great night of rest...and a good time to recharge for our day of driving tomorrow!

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  1. We drove on I-80 through Wyoming when we moved from Texas to SLC and YES, the wind was absolutely insane for us too. What a crazy place...