Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Health, Healing and Nourishment

So here we are... literally 36 hours from departing the Salt Lake Valley... headed to Minnesota. How can a person prepare for a road trip with toddler? There seems no way. We have the portable DVD player, the fun new books, bubbles, and toys ready at hand... but I know there will be those hours when nothing will satisfy the need to be out of the car. Sigh...

Then to boot... Lucas' eczema has flared up. Breaks my heart how he's struggled with this skin condition since he was a wee little one. I seriously thought we had overcome this and he was "growing out of it" as most pediatricians will say... but it seems it's worse than it's ever been. Tonight after a shower he cried with the pain of the raw skin on his legs... and then my heart broke.

I say all of this, because I've been researching raw food diets... specifically raw food diets that include green smoothies. I'm not sure we can make the whole switch to raw foods, but we've been a smoothie family for a long time.

In my research, I'm finding that many folks cure their autoimmune disorders with food. They reverse conditions and eliminate disease with the use of whole greens, a variety of fresh produce and healing fruits.

In my worries for our son's lifelong battle with this skin condition, I wonder if changing our diet (in a drastic way) will assist in healing? Generally speaking, I tend to agree that most autoimmune issues are a symptom of something much bigger going on inside the body. In essence, it's the body crying out for health, healing and nourishment.

While on our trip, I am going to try my darndest to keep processed food away from Lucas. I would like to keep him on a diet of natural, healing and mostly raw foods. This is easy for us, considering he loves vegetables, fruit and beans (I know beans aren't raw... but they're a family favorite). In addition, I'd like to add two green smoothies a day to our diets... in an effort to bring healing.

It may take more than the six weeks we're away... but it's worth the effort, right? In spite of the travel, I think we can make efforts to have a healthier, more wholesome diet. And maybe, just maybe... we'll see our little guy's skin clear up a little bit. A little bit is worth the change.

Reading List
- Green Smoothie Revolution, Victoria Boutenko (2009)
- The Green Smoothie Bible, Kristine Miles (2012)
- Forks Over Knives (2011)
- Green For Life, Victoria Boutenko (2010)
- Eat To Live, Dr. Joel Furhman (2009) (revised 2011)


  1. Can't believe it's time for y'all to hit the road. This year has flown by too fast and I miss you! I seriously think of you guys all the time. Instagram keeps me updated :)
    Anywho, was talking with some dermatologist professionals yesterday about eczema and extreme dry skin. They recommend only bathing when you absolutely need it and then only the areas that you need (face, crotch, feet, hands). Never use a loofah. Then when you get out of the shower, apply cream (they recommend Cetaphil cream, not lotion) and walk around naked for ten minutes instead of towel drying. This helps moisturize your skin instead of your clothes. Voila-so they say. Sounds worth a try.
    Have a wonderful summer! You'll be missed. Looking forward to updates.

  2. I know every kid is different but maybe it's encouraging to share?? Henry had eczema pretty bad when he was little, sometimes covering entire areas of his legs, inner arms and bum. It was completely gone by the time he was four. Sometimes, it would be so bad, I thought he'd have it forever. His reactions seemed to have more to do with the weather than anything else. Wyatt has it also, not quite as bad, but it seems to be taming down as he approaches his 3rd birthday. Don't lose hope! Eating extra healthy is always a good thing, of course, but it could just be a bad week. I read once that if both parents have seasonal allergies, your child is almost certain to have a form of eczema as an infant/toddler. Some keep it for life, I know, but it may not be the case. In any case, he's stinkin' adorable!

  3. Poor little guy, and poor mama. I know how our hurting little ones break our hearts. I hope you find the diet helps, and you have a safe and easy trip.