Friday, June 01, 2012

Dangerous Fun

I believe I have grown spoiled with all the lovely playgrounds in Salt Lake City. They are in every corner and the grounds are always lavish. Each neighborhood always has at least two...two!! Spoiled, I say.

So that leads me to explain why I am feeling slightly deprived here in cute lil' ol' Winona. First, there are only a few playgrounds here...plenty of parks, but only a few play areas.

Secondly, the playgrounds are a bit sketchy. And by sketchy, I mean the structures are metal, steep and totally dangerous.

That being said, this IS a college town and most normal college towns aren't focused on increasing the size of their families. So...playgrounds are not a huge priority. This is an okay thing (in my personal opinion) (my opinion may or may not be shared in an another post).

Even still, we're having fun... And sometimes it's not real fun unless it's a little dangerous, right?

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