Thursday, June 21, 2012

Push And Pull

Between fits if frustration and defiance, this conversation happens repeatedly throughout the day:

Lucas: "Mom, help me."

Me: "Lucas, you can do it...just keep trying."

Lucas: "Mom! Help me! Peese..."

Me: "Lucas, I am not going to help you. You need to do it on your own."

This constant push and pull of independence and laziness coming from my child has me exhausted. One moment he's exerting extreme willpower in the form of defiance and another moment using his wit to coax us into doing small tasks that are a bit challenging for the motor skills at his age.


This age...there really are no words for just how complicated everything is. Breakdowns,'s extreme, all the time.

The balance between independence and respect for others is not something I feel prepared to teach my young child. I was raised to have respect for authority and to honor my elders...not so much on the independence. I want both for Lucas and I don't know if I'm equipped.

This strong willed child...he has the independence...oh he has it! But in an effort to teach him respect, compassion and honor, I fear losing the beautiful willpower and strength that will gain him much success in life. I want him to continue believing in himself...but I want him to be nice too!

Oh I'm in a it silly to think he can have both? I just want to give my child the best chance possible to be a healthy member of society and be happy at the same time!

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