Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Matt's An Old Soul

Not only did Lucas turn three, but the following day, Matt turned thirty. My husband... the man who will always be two years younger than me... is now officially a man. I mean, isn't thirty the cutoff from young man to man?

I'll admit, Matt's an old soul. He has wisdom and depth most people couldn't dream of... or understand, for that matter... and Matt's always been really serious about life. His career is intensely demanding... he finished graduate school and is full blown professional in an older man's game (he's a decade younger than most of the peeps at his level). Matt doesn't mess around when it comes to hard conversations and "getting to the heart of things." He may have just turned thirty, but I've always felt he was wise beyond his years.

Now that my husband is officially thirty, I don't know what to think. I suppose his manhood will develop in other ways... ear hair, wrinkles, liver spots? I dunno. He has pretty awesome genetics... have you met Matt's mom!? She looks SO young... and Matt's Gran? She looks young too! So I'm married to this adorably fresh-looking, wise and mature... thirty year old.

And he's shackled to a wife who ages pretty normally, and is completely immature.

Happy birthday honey! We're lucky to have you.


  1. That's so funny about Matt & Lucas' birthdays; Robert & Violet have birthdays on adjacent days too.

  2. Beth, thank you for the delightful reflections on your two "boys" birthdays:). Your love for and joy in sharing life with these two special guys is such a joy to us. We love you and miss you guys!